In Home Speech Therapy

HomeCare Crew Inc.’s speech therapy services feature certified speech pathologists, who are an integral part of the rehabilitation team. Our professionals are experts in the management and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders. Treatment focuses on increasing each patient’s communication skills and the oral-motor skills needed for safe swallowing.

Each patient referred for rehabilitation services will receive in-depth functional evaluations and assessments by a qualified therapist before treatment and education are initiated. Initial and ongoing assessments to identify the patient’s level of functioning and ability to communicate, including OASIS assessments at appropriate time points.

  • Evaluation of language & sensory disorder for adults and children

  • Developing the plan of care in consultation with the physician and other care team members and revising it as appropriate

  • Identification of other non-oral communication

  • Goal setting

  • Identifying barriers to desired outcomes

After a comprehensive assessment and evaluation our qualified therapist develop an individual rehabilitation care plan. The patient/family is involved in the implementation of the rehabilitation care plan may include but not limit to:

  • Providing treatment according to the plan of care

  • Consultation and coordination of services with other disciplines

  • Assistance with communication & articulation

  • Retaining pf cognitive, feeding & perception

  • Training in proficiency & verbal expression

  • Assistance with Speech & Language processing such as reading and writing

Personalized treatments are designed to improve the following:

  • Speech characteristics

  • Auditory comprehension

  • Oral expression

  • Swallowing

  • Reading comprehension

  • Written expression

For more information or to refer a patient please call us: 703-935-0956