In Home Medical Social Work

Most of the time, our social workers help families and patients deal with the diagnosis of an illness or the impacts of an injury. There are also cases where families are given support services in the event of a death.

During trying times, a trained specialist can make a difference in your situation. They can provide counseling or direct you to the appropriate therapy services. Apart from the knowledge we can contribute to you, the best they we can provide is the genuine support that will help you keep it together during difficult situations.

At “HomeCare Crew” Medical Social Service are provided according to the medical plan of care by or under the direction of a qualified social worker. This service process may include:

  • Assessment:
    -Identification of responsible party and emergency contact
    -Patient's psychological status
    -Patient involvement with social and community activities
    -Orientation, memory, reasoning and judgment
    -Health issues and other needed information that could impact level of care required to meet needs

  • Goal setting

  • Developing, implementing and revising the plan of care in consultation with the physician and other care team members

Medical Social Work services also includes:

  1. Short-term individual counseling,

  2. Community resource planning, and

  3. Crisis intervention;

For more information or to refer a patient please call us: 703-935-0956