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We are committed to helping you recover quickly & comfortably, so that our patients can regain independence and self-sufficiency as soon as possible. HomeCare Crew  Inc. PROFESSIONALS are extremely skilled and experienced, so you can rest ASSURED knowing that clients and patients are in great hands. Equally important is the  “culture of caring” that is an integral part of all we do, ensuring comfort and compassion at every juncture. 

“Culture of caring that is an integral part of all we do”

Our Nurses

From dispensing medication to giving injections, nurses and nurse aides provide follow-up care for home bound patients following a stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility. These services may include: Medication Management, Diabetic Testing, Pediatrics, Wound Care and Insurance Assessment for long-term care, if needed. 

Nurse Aids

The primary role of the Nurse Aides is to perform assistive duties; such as personal hygiene, grooming, transfers (bed to chair), range-of-motion exercises and to facilitate the proper positioning of the patient.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists provide treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. This includes treatment for issues related to aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. They will provide diagnostic tests and help to translate therapeutic exercises into everyday activities.

Occupational Therapists

Through the use of purposeful activity and re-engagement in day-to-day activities, occupational therapists work with patients to achieve functional outcomes that improve or restore the highest possible level of patient independence.

Speech Pathologists

By assessing disorders related to speech, language and cognitive communication, speech language pathologists work with patients to treat and improve speaking, fluency, swallowing and communications skills. They will work closely with the patient’s physician(s) to provide evaluations and diagnostics and help to establish a plan of care as needed or desired.

Medical Social Workers

Medical social workers work in the field of psycho-social assistance. This can include helping patients and families strengthen their social network or connecting those in need with community resources such as psychotherapy,supportive counseling or grief counseling. They will also assist in evaluation and assessment of financial needs when appropriate.

Care Givers & Companions

The primary role of personal caregiver is to assistance with activities of daily living as a result of old age, sickness, disability and/or other infliction. These services may include: assistance with eating, assistance with bathing, assistance with using bath equipment, providing grooming, assistance with bowel regularity.

Our Staff

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